Blaen Dyar: Artists in Residence

HYDRO Artists in Residence – February 2017

We’re delighted to welcome Leona Jones and Penny Hallas as HYDRO artists in residence. Both explore themes of energy, industry and the environment in their artworks: they find the mini hydro sites, processes and ethos hugely exciting and are intrigued by the challenge of how to represent this in their artwork given that hydro electric systems are by their very nature largely hidden from view.

The initial research phase of their work will be to follow installation at the Blaen Dyar site and gather material related to hydro technology and the landscape in which it is situated. This will include sound recordings, film, photography, mapping and drawing, which they hope to develop into finished artworks at a later stage.

Leona Jones at Blaen Dyar site pre-installation (image Penny Hallas)

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April 2017

We have been on site at Blaen Dyar as construction there commences, observing the water pipes being delivered and joined before being winched into locations on the hillsides.  Positioning the pipes is a task that requires both brains and brawn, an understanding of the landscape, how the long pipes may move through scrub and trees, and where to position brakes in order to prevent them hurtling down the steeper inclines.  It’s been a fascinating time, watching them slither and snake through the landscape to their final positions.







September 2017

Exciting plans are coming closer to fruition for our partnership with LGV. Now Blaen Dyar is fully built and capable of generating (good downpours willing), the Board has approved funding for us to develop an audio/visual installation from the material we’ve gathered. It’s expected this will go on display around Easter 2018, probably in Crickhowell. In addition, match funding is being sought from an organisation that promotes partnerships between arts and businesses. If this is granted, we will, together with LGV, also be able to hold a celebration day for LGV’s 10th anniversary and the completion of five micro-hydro projects. Fingers crossed!