Share offer

Llangattock Green Valleys Micro Hydro (2) Co-operative Ltd


Projected return: 5% (7.7% with EIS tax relief)


We’d like to thank the 211 members of Llangattock Green Valleys Micro Hydro (2) Co-operative Ltd, more information will be sent to you shortly.

The Co-operative aims to:

  • Raise £690,000 to fund the development and construction costs of the four schemes.
  • Use these schemes to produce an estimated 355MWh of renewable electricity a year, reducing the community’s reliance on fossil fuels and saving 158 tonnes of CO2 a year.
  • Use the income from the Feed-in Tariff and sale of electricity to cover the running costs of the schemes, pay back Members’ share capital over the 20-year life of the project and provide a surplus, which will be divided equally to…
  • Pay Members interest on their Shares, with a projected return of 5% per annum, averaged over 20 years.
  • Provide income for a special Community Fund that will be used to support further sustainable projects in Llangattock and the surrounding area.

It’s a win all round, with benefits for the environment and the community, and a fair return for you.

Gargwy-Fach-gauging-point-2Click here to find out about our first share offer, or watch us on the BBC website