Energy Local Crickhowell

Update: March 2021

The Energy Local Crickhowell Club has started.

Households that have been fitted with smart meters by Octopus Energy were transferred to the Energy Local scheme on 1st March so they are now benefitting from access to local, green electricity from the hydro generator at Cwm Du.

More will be joining them.  Households registered on the portal that have already entered their switching details will be invited to have smart meters installed and will be transferred to the scheme in groups.

Those households that have been identified as being “matched” to the supply area but have not yet given their supply details can log in to the portal and do so at any time  (  This will put them on the list to be switched to Octopus, have a meter installed and join the club. Smart meter installation and transfer to the club is done by date order so the sooner supply details are entered the better.

The Energy Local scheme in brief:

Local renewable power: lower bills

Llangattock Green Valleys (LGV) has set up an Energy Local Club in the Crickhowell area. Club members can access a lower unit cost for electricity generated locally and at off-peak times through special tariffs for club members provided by the supply company, Octopus Energy.

The unit price paid by Octopus to the generator for power used by club members is greater than the usual payment for exported power, and is the same unit price as paid by the consumers so that all club members benefit from the local use of local electricity.

A Time of Use Tariff also applies that encourages customers to use more electricity at off-peak times. The more a club member can shift their electricity use to either when local generation is available or to off-peak times, the more savings are made.

Octopus will also consider purchase of electricity from households with small scale PV installations, enabling electricity not used by the household, to be used by other club members.

How it works.