Energy Local Crickhowell

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Energy Local wins prestigious Ashden Award for its tariff – supporting local renewable energy – June 2018


Llangattock Green Valleys (LGV) aims to create an Energy Local Club in the Crickhowell area. Club members can access a lower unit cost for electricity generated locally and at off-peak times, through special tariffs provided by the supply company, Octopus Energy.


Club members benefit from a cost incentive to use electricity when power is available from local micro generation schemes, operated by LGV and others. The generators then receive an increased price from Octopus Energy for electricity generated that is used locally. A Time of Use Tariff also applies, that encourages customers to use more electricity at off-peak times. The more a club member can shift their electricity use to either when local generation is available or to off-peak times, the more savings are made.

Locally generated electricity will come from small hydro schemes, such as operated by LGV, and Octopus will also consider purchase of electricity from households with small scale PV installations enabling electricity, not used by the household, to be used by other Club members.

Domestic customers and small businesses who are supplied from the substation in Crickhowell can register their interest at When we have sufficient interest, members will be invited to form the club and switch to Octopus Energy, the electricity supplier for the project. Member numbers are limited to ensure consumers involved will benefit enough to make their involvement worthwhile.


If some consumers, that have registered an interest, choose not to join the club, others will be invited in order of registration.  Registering your interest doesn’t place you under any obligation to join the club. However, neither does it guarantee you a place in the initial membership.

We hope the club will grow with more generators and more consumers, so register interest now and get in at the beginning and tell your friends!

How it works.