Thermal Imaging Camera

Where is your house losing heat?

Find out with a Thermal Imaging Camera.

Llangattock Green Valleys has purchased a thermal imaging camera with a smart phone which provides the display to enable individuals to investigate where energy is leaking from their homes as a step to exploring energy efficiency improvements.  The images can be downloaded via a memory card or WiFi.

The camera will be available through winter 2023, once the outdoor temperatures are sufficiently low to provide thermal contrast.

Thermal Imaging can also be used to inspect radiant floor heating system components like the boilers, expansion tanks, air separators, circulators, etc. Verify connection points, locate overheating components and ensure proper flow of the manifold.

The camera is available with a trained volunteer for a site visit of up to 2 hours for a voluntary donation, we suggest £30, to defray the camera cost and pay volunteer expenses if travel costs are incurred.

We cover a 10-15 mile radius of Llangattock.

To arrange an imaging visit:

  • Complete the request form below including an indication of the size of the property (eg number of bedrooms).
  • A volunteer will then contact you to arrange a date for the visit.
  • You will receive an agreement with confirmation of the visit to be signed and returned.
  • If a donation is being made it should be sent, preferably by bank transfer, prior to the visit.

Images will be copied to the hirer at the end of the visit or sent by email.

Camera instructions.

Request to hire a thermal imaging Camera with volunteer operator.

I wish to hire the LGV thermal imaging camera with operator to investigate heat loss from my domestic property with a view to improving its energy efficiency, thereby reducing carbon emissions and heating cost. Please fill in the form and we’ll contact you.