Micro hydro video still by Penny Hallas

Blaen Dyar and Micro Hydro Walk – Saturday 14th March, 10am-1pm

Hurry! there are just 4 places left on this great walk (04/03/20).

This short but varied walk follows the route of one of Llangattock Green
Valleys (LGV) micro-hydro schemes and we will see how it has embedded
into the natural scenery since it was constructed two years ago.
Leaving Clydach village, we walk up to the impressive railway viaduct.
Skirting the foot of former limestone quarries we visit the hydro intake
weir before descending to view the turbine shed. The walk will end at the
historic Clydach Ironworks where we will see more about past uses of water
in this intriguing valley where nature and industry meet. Join us later the same day from 2:30-5pm for a short hydro video presentation at Scout Hall, Crickhowell.

For further details and to book your place on the walk, please visit:

Crickhowell Walking Festival

Please note: Walk times above are correct and well-behaved dogs are welcome to come along too!



Households in the Crickhowell Energy Local Club are now being switched to Octopus Energy. Those who have registered their interest have already had messages from Energy Local. Some households are not switching immediately because they are waiting for current contracts to expire and will switch later. Once a premise is switched, Octopus will arrange for a Smart Meter to be fitted prior to moving to the Energy Local tariff and locally generated electricity.

Octopus Energy will consider the purchase of electricity from households with small scale PV installations, enabling electricity that is not used by the household to be used by other club members. We are therefore seeking more consumers to take part in the scheme: full details are available here, and on the associated “How it works” link, which shows the tariffs. You can register interest at energylocal.org.uk, where there is yet more information. Small business users can also be part of Energy Local and business premises can be registered in the same way as households.

Energy Local Crickhowell

Peter Blood: crickhowell@energylocal.co.uk


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