Good News from Energy Local – August 2019

Energy Local has announced that they have signed up Octopus Energy as the electricity supplier for new Energy Local clubs so we can now prepare to get the Crickhowell club going. Octopus is a 100% renewable electricity supplier who is well known for good customer service and innovation, so Energy Local will be a great fit for them. There are further advantages for club members with Octopus:

  • Small business users can now also be part of Energy Local and business premises can be registered in the same way as households.
  • Octopus Energy will consider purchase of electricity from households with small scale PV installations enabling electricity not used by the household, to be used by other club members.

Energy Local has already been in touch with those who have registered interest in the Crickhowewll club and are in the distribution area, asking for an update on their situation. Please return their short questionnaire if you’ve not already done so.

Energy Local and Octopus Energy are setting up and testing the process for switching to Octopus as the energy supplier, and the arrangements for smart meter installation and data handling are being tested by Energy Local with a household in the Crickhowell area.  The LGV hydro generator at Cwm Gu has been switched to Octopus in readiness for the start-up of the club.

Energy Local will send further information shortly to those who have registered interest and are in the Crickhowell distribution area (“matched”) and the tariff for Energy Local Crickhowell customers will be announced before they are invited to switch to Octopus.

The number of consumer members of the club is limited but there is capacity for a few more. The registration website is here. Small business premises can now be registered for Energy Local in the same way as households by adding the details to your existing expression of interest or completing a new one.

If you want to refresh your memory of what Energy Local Crickhowell is about, further details can be found here.

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